Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fluffy Favourites

A Robert Walters survey has discovered that 47.5% of respondents find working from home or on the move to be their best strategy and were not trying to return to work anytime soon.
In travel the home consultant has been around for quite a long time and with groups like MTA, Travel Managers and Travel Counsellors expanding daily, it comes as not surprising that other industries need to get on the band wagon. Technology certainly allows the freedom to go about and with office rent escalating there ought to be an emphasis from many companies to send people home. There are of course issues, ranging from managing absentee staff to fragmenting teams and quitting control from a company environment. Fluffy Favourites
With all of the to take into account, there's only one question management needs to ask itself regarding staff working from home and it relates to trust from both sides. Do they trust the staff to reach the outcomes that be seemingly so easier to measure at work? Do the staff trust management to help keep them informed and connected? A company's intimate working environment and team mentality depends to some degree on the connection that CEOs and their executives have with the employees and this generally works better in a company set up. So is this the newest challenge, as all of us head for the morning coffee inside our pyjamas and fluffy slippers to do the emails at the breakfast table and then not get on the train and head to just work at all?
Allow me to digress a minute and mention the people all of us trust but who've no capacity to work from home. For the 16th year in a line, nurses have retained their place at the the surface of the most trusted list, based on the Roy Morgan Image of Professionals survey. Along side pharmacists, doctors and dentists the the surface of the list is heavy with people you'll need to trust, sometimes with your daily life, sometimes with your teeth.
All of them require office facilities and until you are happy to own your teeth fixed on the lounge of the dentist in your street, they won't have an opportunity others have to escape the normal office environment. So those with the flexible work conditions must look into the trust management has place in you and maybe get dressed and work in the house office you have setup but never ventured into. Fluffy Favourites Slots
Being an aside, it's not a stretch to guess the underside of the trust list and it provides TV reporters, newspaper journalists and opinion pollsters. Still further down, way below the sludge line, we've a few old favourites in the vehicle salesman and the advertising executive who round out the underside of the list and undoubtedly cannot be trusted. None of these individuals ought to be let out of the boss'sight however, you have the opportunity to exhibit how the long run can look when trust is given.
Author - Oliver Tams. 30 years in the Australian travel industry, from owning and operating shops to employed in the corporate sector with American Express and to the headquarters of retail consortia groups, is a fabulous journey. Now it's time and energy to put some of the knowledge back via my musings on the and the business enterprise world surrounding it.

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