Monday, May 9, 2016

Retro Reels Slots

Children of the 1960s did not need computer or console games, or the most recent app because of their cellular phone, in reality they did not need a mobile phone. Electronic technology for the little one existed only in tv shows such as Star Trek and Lost In Space. No robot with the most recent in artificial intelligence technology, no, merely a simple wind up toy for them, which funnily enough remain favored by very young children. A recently available resurgence in everything retro (an fascination with things utilized in the past), from retro robots and the retro space hopper, to retro telephones has generated a complete industry being born to cater for it. Retro Reels
Toys of the 1960s allowed for the youngsters to be much more physically active than they do these days. With favourite of the era such as Hoola Hoops, which was a large rings of plastic about 5 or 6 times the circumference of a child's waist. The little one would step to the ring and place the hoop on the waist, then with a hip twisting motion make the hoop spin around their waist. Another excellent toy from the 1960s, which only caused it to be in the 60s as it was initially created in 1968 in Italy, was the retro space hopper. This fun toy was an hollow ball of rubber with two handles, that the child sat on and was able to bounce around their garden. This device suffered a serious decline in interest by the 1980s, but has made an important comeback because the late 1990s thanks to being made popular and an absolute must have at festivals and other outside events. Needless to say the little one of now, although still having a chance to have and use these toys, have a tendency to now like the electronic world, and have the computer portray an electronic person physically exerting themselves. Within the last couple of years, there has been a push by game console companies to add real life physical activities with that of the virtual one portrayed by the computer (the words computer and console being interchangeable in this context). The most used console for this new genre of gaming entertainment being the Nintendo Wii. They have was able to successfully to have both adults and children interested, to place it mildly, with games that truly required real life physical exertion on the part. But, and there's a wee but, this all still occurs within the four walls of their home, and therefore they are not exposing themselves to the fresh air of the truly amazing outdoors. Okay I suppose for folks who are deep by having an urban environment, however for any who could move out and experience the health great things about a rural or at the very least semi rural setting, that is still not being achieved (unless they open a window).
The play master and its reels were the closest a young child of the 1960s could get to the modern video technology within mobile telephones and computers available to the 21st century child. This toy, if you're able to call it that, was basically shaped such as an traditional style camera (1960s/early 1970s), and it was included with circular strips of plastic that had film clips placed in a group on offer the edge of the circle. We were holding placed in the view master, and by pressing a button or lever you might mechanically, not electronically, move the reel around to view each slide in turn, similar to a slip show. Retro Reels Slots
Therefore, the little one of the 1960s, although starved of the super fast technological environment that the 21st century child has, still found plenty to amuse themselves with, and most likely had a wholesome lifestyle thanks to the way they engaged with the toys of the time.

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